“Vague, but exciting.” …

“Vague, but exciting.” – A written reaction when Tim Berners-Lee proposed the process which led to the invention of the web.

Vague, but exciting 3.0. Decades later, still exciting, but vague in a new way. #Ihearttheweb

One thought on ““Vague, but exciting.” …

  1. Hello new guy! (You’re not that new anymore, but I just love that identifier). It is interesting to hear more about 3.0 when we are so much steeped in 2.0. I think the next phase will be interesting, as Amanda talked about in today’s presentation – there is *a lot* of user-generated content now, so the next phase will be to tweak the behaviour/algorithm to organize, categorize, and retrieve it more efficiently. Personally, I refer to my reading lists and consumption patterns as a bit of a ‘digital disaster’ because I’m doing a horrible job of tracking and organizing the things I like. I think this will be the year I finally make use of my Evernote account.

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